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Perhaps one of the more annoying parts of writing a document, especially if it’s a long one (like an essay) is indexing everything you wrote as a table of contents. Thankfully, Google Docs is making that much easier.

The latest update to Google Docs is adding a few extra capabilities for tables of contents. If you have the necessary headings and subheadings, Docs can already whip you up a table of contents, but the section is now easier to customize. With a couple of clicks, you can now change and add things such as page numbers, and tab leader styling, and you can also indent headings based on level. If you don’t want to customize too much, you can also choose between three different default styles.


If you’re using regular tables, you might also appreciate the changes that are being done to the table properties page instead. It isn’t adding any new functionality, but it’s organizing all table customization options on a single page, so your table looks just the way you want it to.

All of these changes are rolling out to all Docs users within the next two weeks, so make sure you check them out.

Source: Google

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