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If you’ve used any creative software by Adobe in the past few years, you know that the company has been experimenting with AI features in programs like Photoshop. With the new wave of generative AI, though, Adobe is also hopping into that bandwagon, with a new initiative called Firefly.

The very first viral usage we’ve seen of generative AI was image generation, and Adobe Firefly is on that same category. It is, according to Adobe, a family of generative AI tools that it’s planning to add to its different families of software, including, but not limited to, Creative Cloud and Adobe Express. The idea behind it is to allow anyone, regardless of their level of skill or experience, to generate content easily. Using Firefly, you can cook up images, vectors, and much more.

The content Firefly generates is supposedly safe for commercial use since the first version is trained on Adobe Stock images. Down the road, the company also wants to let graphic designers train the models on their own work as well, so Firefly is able to generate content that can perfectly fit the way you work, and your personal style.

Down the road, Adobe plans to introduce Firefly to its existing set of AI features that are already available across its software. Right now, though, it’s available as a beta, which you can join today.

Source: Adobe

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