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The 21st century favors fast-moving, efficient applications that keep daily workflows moving. In a business setting where signatures are frequent, a service like SIGN.PLUS—which offers fast, secure, and trackable signing—can help minimize the pain points of cumbersome document management.

SIGN.PLUS is a premium electronic signature service that aims to solve many issues associated with e-signing that we often just overlook or live with today. While the process of completing an electronic signature with SIGN.PLUS is simple, the service is quite complex, offering layers of features and security that free applications and websites don’t.

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Three-Step Signings

Using SIGN.PLUS to sign documents online is a fairly simple process broken down into three steps:

  • Upload
  • Edit
  • Send

It starts with uploading your documents, whether you’re signing them yourself or planning to send them to another user to get their signature. Before sending the document off, you can add elements like checkboxes, a date field, or a text box for additional information.

Once the document is ready for colleagues or business partners to sign, you’ll use your SIGN.PLUS free account to Request Signature using the recipient’s name and email. If the document needs to pass over a few desks, you can also assign specific fields to each user.

Best of all, signing and sending documents can all be done via your mobile device, so you can take care of business, even while on the road.

Streamlining the e-Signature Process

Though getting documents signed is as simple as ever with SIGN.PLUS, the service goes above and beyond to maximize usability, functionality, and reliability. It’s not just about getting the signatures you need. It’s also about organization, observation, and verification.

If you’re distributing a sensitive document meant for specific eyes, you can keep track of where it’s been with SIGN.PLUS’ audit trails. The tamper-proof log records IP addresses, email addresses, and devices whenever there’s activity on the document.

This goes hand-in-hand with your ability to monitor all real-time progress to see which recipients have opened, signed, viewed, or voided the document. Every time the document is signed, you’ll receive a Certification of Completion with an audit report detailing the signer, so you’ll always know who has interacted with the document and who hasn’t.

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User-Friendly Services

As a SIGN.PLUS subscriber, you’ll benefit from some perks that can enhance your workflow, including features like automatic reminders, expiration dates, document search, and support for various file types. However, the point of this service is to speed up the signing process and to better organize signed documents, and with unlimited reusable templates and individual folders, you can achieve both.

Reusable templates are great if you have a form or contract that needs signatures on a recurring basis. Simply create a template by setting up a document with the recipient roles and fields that need to be filled out and make as many copies as you’d like, ultimately saving you time by easily requesting the same information from different signers as often as needed.

If you don’t want to store these signed documents on your hard drive, a SIGN.PLUS account comes with secure cloud storage that can be organized into individual folders. These folders make it easy for you to locate a signed document, should the need arise.

Integrations and Compatibility

SIGN.PLUS didn’t want to limit its user base, so it created a system that can be used across all platforms, including Windows, iOS, and Android devices. The service can also be integrated into a number of third-party applications, including Dropbox, Google Drive, and iCloud, so you don’t have to alter your workflow to implement a new system.

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Unprecedented Security & Compliance

Whenever there’s an exchange of personal information or confidential company documents, you want it all to be in the hands of a service you can trust. SIGN.PLUS tackles any potential security issues by:

  • Encrypting all signed files with unique encryption keys for each user, powered by 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) technology.
  • Using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)/Transport Layer Security (TLS) for all data transfers.
  • Deploying 2-factor authentication and single sign-on (SSO) for extra layers of security.
  • Conducting internal and external vulnerability assessments.
  • Using N-tier system architecture to increase stability, performance, and security.

SIGN.PLUS sets the bar even higher by meeting extensive regulatory compliance guidelines, including SOC 2, HIPAA, ISO 27001, GDPR, CCPA, as well as electronic signature regulations, such as ESIGN, eIDAS, ZertES, showcasing the company’s commitment to meet and surpass industry standards surrounding data protection.

Following the Strictest Privacy Guidelines

Ranking high among SIGN.PLUS’s top priorities, the company strives to provide some of the most robust privacy protection available around the globe. As a Swiss-based organization, SIGN.PLUS prioritizes the strict Swiss privacy laws that safeguard all user data. To ensure the highest level of data privacy, SIGN.PLUS also stores all personal user information in an extremely secure Swiss data center, which is protected by the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act (FADP) and the Swiss Federal Data Protection Ordinance (FODP).

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Become a SIGN.PLUS User Today

Though SIGN.PLUS offers a free account, you’ll want all the bells and whistles that make it as reliable, secure, and efficient to use as possible. For access to more of the service’s features, you’ll need to sign up for the SIGN.PLUS Personal ($9.99/month), Professional ($19.99/month), Business ($29.99/month), or Enterprise, depending on your needs.

Each level adds new features, such as custom branding and Slack integration available starting with the Business plan or Folder access available with the Professional, Business, and Enterprise accounts. Best of all, SIGN.PLUS is offering a 10% discount with the code sign10 on new Professional and Business plans, which stacks on top of the discount you’ll get with annual billing enabled.

Register with SIGN.PLUS today to start streamlining your workflow and create a well-oiled e-signing machine for your business.

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