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To manually add Apple Watch workouts, launch the Health app, tap on Browse, then select Activity > Workouts. Use the "Add Data" button in the top-right corner to manually log workout type, energy burned, distance, and time.

Did you fail to log a workout with your Apple Watch? Maybe your wearable ran out of battery while exercising and didn’t log your activity correctly. Luckily, you can manually add workouts to your Health app to make up for it.

How to Manually Add a Workout to Apple Watch

Manually log a workout by launching the Health app on your iPhone, then navigating to the “Browse” tab and tapping the “Activity” category. On the screen that appears, tap on “Workouts” to bring up a graph of your logged workouts.

View workout data in Apple Health

In the top-right corner of the screen, tap “Add Data” to bring up a data entry form. Use this form to select an “Activity Type” like running or cycling, the amount of energy burned (in kilocalories or kilojoules, depending on your settings) and the distance covered (where applicable).

Manually enter workout data in Apple Health

You can refer to your past activity data to determine how much energy you burned in your chosen workout. For example, if you usually burn around 280 calories on a 2.5-mile hike, you should record twice that amount for a 5-mile walk. You can also use an energy expenditure calculator like this one.

Amend the time and date when the activity took place, then hit “Add” to finalize. The workout will be added to your record and visible in the Health app under Browse > Activity > Workouts and within the Fitness app under Summary > Workouts.

Workout added via Health as seen in Apple Fitness

Activity data that you record in this manner will count towards your Move goal and help you close your activity rings. Activities that have been added manually will display the Health app icon rather than the usual Apple Watch Workout icons.

How to Remove Workout Data From Apple Watch

If you want to delete a workout that you have recorded, either manually or using your Apple Watch, you can do so easily using either the Health or Fitness apps on your iPhone.

You’ll get the choice of deleting a workout entry or deleting the data too. If you delete the data, your daily activity total will be affected (and so will your Move ring).

Delete Workout Data from Health App

Using Health, launch the app and then head to Browse > Activity > Workouts. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and tap the “Show All Data” option.

Show All Data option in Apple Health

Find the workout you want to delete by scrolling through the list of recorded activities.

View recorded workouts in the Health app

To delete an individual entry, swipe left on it and tap the “Delete” button.

Delete workout data under the Health app

Delete Workout Data from Fitness App

Using Fitness, launch the app, then head to the Summary tab. Under “Workouts” tap on the “Show More” button to see a complete list of workouts.

View all workouts in the Fitness app

Use the “All Workouts” button in the top-right corner of the screen to filter by workout type if you’re looking for something specific.

Filter workouts by type in the Fitness app

Find the workout you want to delete and then swipe left on it. Tap the “Delete” button to delete the entry.

Delete manual workout from Fitness app

Add Workouts to Your Apple Watch Workouts App

If you arrived here looking to add workout types to your Apple Watch Workouts app, we’ve got you covered. On your Apple Watch, launch the Workout app and scroll down to the bottom of the list then tap the “Add Workout” button. Select the type of activity you’d like to record from the list.

Add workout types to your Apple Watch Workout app

Your chosen workout will now appear in the list of workouts. You can also remove activities you don’t use by swiping left on them and tapping the red “X” that appears.

Workout With Your Watch Where Possible

The Apple Watch is a fantastic exercise companion. You should track all of your workout activities on your Apple Watch to build up a better picture of overall health. You can use it to measure your overall cardiovascular fitness, spot troubling heart rate trends, and get help in an emergency.

Above all, making full use of the full suite of Apple Watch features can help motivate you to stay active and improve your overall health.

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