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No, there is not an official ChatGPT app for Android or iPhone. You can access ChatGPT in the browser on your phone.
ChatGPT is taking the world by storm. Not only is it incredibly fun to use, it can actually be surprisingly useful. If you’re a fan of OpenAI’s powerful chatbot, you might be wondering if it has a smartphone app.

Is There an App for ChatGPT?

No, there is not an official ChatGPT app for iPhone or Android. You can access ChatGPT in a mobile browser and add a shortcut to your iPhone or Android home screen if you’d like. But that’s the closest thing to an official “app” for ChatGPT at the moment.

Note: We will update this article if (or when) OpenAI releases an official ChatGPT smartphone app.

What About Unofficial ChatGPT Apps?

The long answer is that you can use ChatGPT in some apps—well, kind of. OpenAI released a public API for ChatGPT in March 2023. That means anyone can integrate ChatGPT’s AI language model into apps and services. At the time of writing, it’s being used in SnapchatQuizletInstacartShop, and Speak for various things.

Snapchat is using ChatGPT for its “My AI” feature, which is essentially just ChatGPT in a direct message conversation. Quizlet is using the API for “Q-Chat,” an AI tutor for students. Instacart’s usage allows customers to ask about food and get shopping suggestions.

These official apps are currently the best way to use ChatGPT outside of the browser. However, they’re utilizing the API in specific ways (learning, shopping, language, etc). The most open-ended method for asking anything you want is still through  in your browser.

Watch Out for Fake ChatGPT Apps

Unfortunately, the absence of an official ChatGPT app has opened the doors for fakes. Many apps claim to be “powered by ChatGPT,” but they’re clearly not. An app called “Genie,” for example, says it’s “powered by ChatGPT & GPT-3,” yet it hasn’t been updated since December 2022—four months before the API became available.

This is a big problem with ChatGPT apps. At the moment, it’s difficult to differentiate between real and fake ChatGPT apps. There are hundreds of apps claiming to use the ChatGPT and other GPT APIs—and some may actually be true—but many of them are lying. Plus, they’re full of ads and scummy subscription plans.

Unless you’re using an app from a known entity—such as Snapchat or Instacart—or OpenAI creates a list of approved clients, your best bet is to use ChatGPT in the good ‘ol browser. If that’s not good enough, you can try one of ChatGPT’s alternatives.

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