Bing Chat crossed out in Edge toolbar.
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On Windows, you will need to use the Registry Editor to remove Bing Chat from Edge. On macOS, you must run a command in the Terminal.
As promised, Microsoft added the new Bing AI Chat to Edge. The Bing icon lives in the top right corner of the Edge browser window, and Microsoft has made it annoyingly difficult to disable. We’ll show you how to turn it off.

The Bing AI Chat button was added to Microsoft Edge 111. The update includes the new “Discover” sidebar as well, which Microsoft also refers to as “Edge Copilot.” The sidebar can easily be turned off, but the Bing Chat button is harder to get rid of. If that wasn’t annoying enough, it opens even if you just hover your mouse cursor over it.

However, the most egregious thing about the Bing Chat button is there’s no way to turn it off in the Edge settings. You’re simply stuck with it—unless you make a registry edit on Windows. That’s how we’ll remove it. (On a Mac or Linux system, you’ll have to run a command instead.)

How to Remove the Bing Button in Edge on Windows

You can remove the Bing button by editing your registry. There’s no graphical setting in Edge to disable it.

First, open the Start Menu and search for “Registry” to find and open the “Registry Editor.”

Open "Registry Editor."

Next, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft in the left sidebar.

Go to the "Microsoft" folder.

Right-click on a blank space in the “Microsoft” folder and click New > Key. Name the subfolder “Edge.”

Now, in the “Edge” subfolder you just created, right-click and select New > DWORD. Name it “HubsSidebarEnabled.”

Right-click “HubsSidebarEnabled” and select “Modify.” Make sure the value data is set to “0” and click “OK.”

Now, open Microsoft Edge and navigate to edge://policy. Click “Reload Policies.”

The Bing button (and sidebar) will disappear immediately!

Bing Button gone.

It’s very frustrating that you have to go to these lengths to remove the button, but it does work.

How to Remove Bing Button in Edge on Mac

On a Mac, you can use a command to disable the Bing button instead.

First, open the “Terminal” app. Copy and paste the following command and hit Enter:

open -n -a "Microsoft Edge" --args --disable-features=msEdgeSidebarV2

Enter the command in Terminal.

Microsoft Edge will open, and the Bing button should be gone! Make sure Edge is completely closed and run the command again if it’s not.

Bing button gone.

How to Get Rid of the Bing Button in Edge on Linux

Microsoft Edge runs on Linux, too, and Linux users can also remove the button. On Linux, it works just like it does on macOS.

To launch Edge with the button disabled, open a Terminal and run the following command:

microsoft-edge-stable --disable-features=msEdgeSidebarV2

Launching Edge without the Bing button from the Terminal app on Linux Mint.

You can also edit the Edge launcher in the desktop environment you use. Add the flag to the command field, and it will take effect when you launch Edge from there, too.

Exactly how to you this depends on the Linux desktop environment you’re using, but you can often right-click the Edge launcher icon and find options for configuring it.

Disabling the Bing button in Edge's launcher on Linux Mint.

Thankfully, it’s a bit more straightforward to remove the button on Edge for Mac and Linux, but it’s still annoying. Microsoft has added a lot of features to Edge over time, and it’s become a bit bloated. Not allowing people to choose whether they want features or not is another step in the wrong direction.

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