Children riding SmooSat child escooters in the street

Bring your kid along for a ride around the block with SmooSat’s buy one, get one e-scooter offer. For a limited time, you can purchase a SmooSat SA3 adult e-scooter for $539.99 ($60 off) and receive an E9 kids scooter for free (a $210 value). The deal presents a good opportunity to start a fun new hobby with your child while enjoying a leisurely ride, and it even works as a thoughtful gift bundle for your closest friends or family.

The SmooSat SA3 adult scooter is quite a bit more powerful than the E9 kids variety, with a 288Wh rechargeable battery capable of taking you up to 20 miles at a max speed of 15MPH. The E9 runs on a 54Wh rechargeable battery that lasts about 5 miles and hits a max speed of 10MPH. While it’s not meant for long distances, the E9 allows your child to set out on a short adventure down the street. You may have more control over the speed of the SA3, but the child-friendly E9 sports only 2 speeds and is designed with a rear fender foot break to maximize safety.

Adult folding escooter to store in trunk of car.

Knowing that children come in all sizes, SmooSat added three adjustable heights for riders from 4 to 5.3 feet. The adult SA3 is one size fits all with a 220lb weight limit. The SA3 also features an intelligent riding mode that activates cruise control to minimize hand fatigue and remove the distraction of speed management. Though the two models may differ in functionality to accommodate their respective users, they offer the same great outdoor entertainment.

Having two e-scooters under one roof sounds like it may take up too much space, but both the SA3 and E9 are foldable for easy storage. Want to take them for a ride through a local park? The larger SA3 breaks down to 42.1 inches by 19.7 inches by 20.3 inches and the E9 is even smaller for easier transportation.

SmooSat’s buy one, get one offer is all about creating memories, whether you’re making them for yourself or gifting the opportunity to another parent and child. Grab an adult SA3 scooter for $539.99 ($60 off), and you can take home the kid-friendly E9 for absolutely free.

Buy One SmootSat Scooter, Get One Free

SmootSat's adult and kid-sized electric scooters ride smooth and emit zero carbon emissions, making them a fun, convenient, and eco-friendly way to get around.