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Mozilla Firefox is one of the few browsers left that isn’t based on Google Chrome, especially on Android devices. Mozilla has now boosted the privacy the Android version with “Total Cookie Protection.”

Mozilla started testing Total Cookie Protection in the desktop Firefox web browser in 2021, with the release of Firefox 86, and it was enabled by default on desktop platforms in June 2022. It’s a feature that isolates data from each website, making cross-site tracking more difficult (if not impossible). Blocking cookies entirely can often cause sites to break, because sites may use cookies to store local data — Total Cookie Protection retains that core functionality while preventing data sharing across sites.

Total Cookie Protection was already available in the Firefox Focus browser, but now it’s coming to the standard Firefox for Android application. That means Android phones and tablets can benefit from all the same privacy protections as the desktop browsers. However, Firefox for iPhone and iPad are still left out — presumably because Total Cookie Protection requires changes to the browser engine, which Apple doesn’t allow.

The browser update with Total Cookie Protection should start rolling out soon. Firefox for Android is available on the Google Play Store. You can also download APK versions from the official GitHub repository.

Source: Mozilla

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