Anker 535 Mobile Power Bank

The lithium-ion batteries used in many modern electronics are usually safe, but given the right conditions or poor manufacturing, they can catch on fire or even explode. Anker is now recalling some of its batteries for that reason.

Anker, a popular accessory company that sells a lot of portable batteries, started a recall of some Anker 535 Power Banks earlier this year. You can tell if you have an affected model by checking the bottom of the back of the battery. The recalled model identifies itself as 535 Power Bank (PowerCore 20K) and Model A1366. The earlier announcement said the issue affected “a small number of our Anker 535 Power Banks,” and that the batteries could “overheat and pose a fire safety risk.”

Diagram of finding the model of the Anker battery
The model number is visible on the back Anker

The United States Consumer Product Safety Division is now working with Anker to notify buyers in the US, and the agency’s announcement includes more details. The CPSC reports that around 42,000 batteries were sold in the United States that may be affected, as well as around 620 in Canada. Anker told the CPSC that it has received 10 reports of overheating, including “one report of minor injuries.”

If you have a recalled battery, Anker asks you to “dispose of your device at a facility that accepts Lithium batteries” — not a trash can or recycling bin — and request a refund through Anker’s site.

Source: CPSCAnker

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