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Amazon Kindle eReaders might be mostly intended for reading books, but they can also read digital editions of many popular newspapers and magazines as they are released. That feature is going away, though.

Amazon has already discontinued the option to buy newspaper and magazine subscriptions, in both physical form and Kindle Edition (also called Kindle Newsstand), starting on March 9, 2023. Visiting the store page for subscriptions like The New York Times Daily Edition now only shows the message: “Amazon is no longer selling this title.”

Amazon’s support document explains that annual Kindle Newsstand and print subscriptions are not being renewed, and the ability to manage print subscriptions through Amazon will end after June 5. It sounds like Amazon is planning to hand over print subscriptions to publishers, instead of just cancelling them and making you re-subscribe through the publisher directly. The company said, “After that date, all customer service inquiries for any remaining active subscriptions will be serviced directly by the publisher. More details on the publisher customer service options will be shared in the coming months.”

The final Kindle magazine and newspaper subscriptions will be delivered on September 4, 2023. You’ll still be able to read the issues that were delivered to you, but you won’t receive any new issues, and Amazon will issue a pr-rated refund for any undelivered issues.

Kindle Unlimited is sticking around, which is the company’s Netflix-like subscription service with access to millions of digital books, Audible audiobooks, and a select number of magazine subscriptions. However, Kindle Unlimited is not a full replacement for all the newspapers and magazines that were available as individual subscriptions, and it isn’t available in all the same countries as the individual subscriptions were.

Some of Amazon’s competitors still sell digital subscriptions that work on eReaders, but none of them are compatible with Kindle readers — Amazon would prefer you sign up to Kindle Unlimited. In the United States, Barnes & Noble still sells digital and print editions of many popular newspapers and magazines, and the digital versions can be read with the Nook app or the company’s Nook eReaders.

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