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Laptops are some of the most compact computers, but if you have a desk setup to dock your portable PC, it can be tricky to find a good spot for it on your desk. Maybe it’s time to mount it!

Laptop VESA Mount Stands

The VESA mounting standard exists so that monitor mount makers and display manufacturers can be sire that their products will work together. The standard describes exactly where the screw holes should be.

The neat thing about that is that you can create VESA mountings for things other than monitors. If you have an old VESA monitor arm lying around (or don’t mind buying one) you can convert it into a slick laptop mount by buying a VESA laptop holder.

Amazon Basics Notebook Laptop Stand Arm Mount Tray

A simple, affordable way to convert a monitor arm (sold separately) into a laptop holder. This goes great with double monitor arms!

Depending on the monitor arm you use, this can also make it easy to position your laptop off your desk while still using it as a second monitor! It’s certainly a step up over your average laptop stand.

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Laptop Wall Mounts

If you have a nearby wall surface, you can buy one of several laptop wall-mounted holders and keep your desk space nice and open. Which holder is best largely depends on what type of laptop you have and how you want to use it. Some laptops can open their screens 180 degrees, which means the laptop can be vertically mounted while still making the screen accessible. Some laptops are happy to run with their lids closed, and some stands are designed for that option.

BRAINWAVZ Wall Mount Laptop Holder

An easy wall-mount solution for laptops weighing up to 6.6lbs (3Kg)

You can also mount a laptop tray to the wall if a flat-mount isn’t the right option for you, or even combine this idea with the aforementioned VESA mounting option. Mount a VESA arm to the wall and then the laptop to the VESA arm.

Vertical Laptop Desk Stands

Vertical laptop stands either let you stand your laptop vertically in a closed position with your own peripheral connections, or have an integrated dock. This is a highly-efficient way to place your laptop on your desk, and if you choose an integrated dock model (which usually only works with specific laptop models) it even takes one whole step out of the docking process.

OMOTON Vertical Laptop Stand

This vertical stand can accommodate two laptops at once, from a svelte MacBook to a massive 17.3-inch Windows laptop.

As with wall mounts, you’ll need to consider whether your laptop can safely run with its lid closed, but for computers like the Apple Silicon MacBook Airs, it’s an elegant solution. If you’re worried about a vertical stand being prone to getting knocked over, some may offer the option of using some form of attachment system.

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Under-Desk Laptop Holders

It’s easy to forget that your desktop has an entirely unused side: its bottom! There are some great under-desk cable management gadgets out there, but you can also mount an under-desk laptop mount that has the added bonus of keeping the cables off the floor or from handing under the desk, since you can mount the laptop right below your monitor and other peripherals.

YYST Under Desk Laptop Organizer

An affordable and simple solution to hold your laptop under your desk. Just make sure your laptop and desk are the right thickness!

One downside to this type of mounting solution is that it might be awkward to get your laptop in and out of the mount, depending on the details of your desk, where you mount it, and how the mount works.

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