The current Xbox gamepad is one of the best gaming controllers, thanks to its comfort, great buttons, and extra compatibility with PCs. Now, you can get one in a new super-green color.

Microsoft has announced that the Xbox wireless controller is now available in a new “Velocity Green” colorway, joining the many colors that the controller is currently available in. Honestly, with green being Xbox’s signature color since, well, the very first Xbox console back in 2001, it’s kind of surprising we didn’t already have this option.

The joysticks are green, and the D-pad is black. You can also get a handy charging dock made by Razer in matching colors, if you’re really fond of that green. You can even grab a “Velocity Green” Xbox hoodie from Microsoft, and it even has a four-leaf clover embroidered on it.

Xbox Wireless Controller -- Velocity Green

The updated Xbox Wireless Control is now available in a Velocity Green color option, and still works great with PC.

If your mind is connecting the dots here, the green isn’t just for Xbox, but also for Saint Patrick’s Day, which is happening in just over a week. If you like your Xbox stuff green, make sure to get this controller from Microsoft’s store now.

Source: Microsoft

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