There are already many options for high-end workstations, from custom-built PCs to Apple’s Mac Studio and Mac Pro. Lenovo is now updating its ThinkStation desktop PCs with even better hardware.

Lenovo has announced a trio of workstations under the ThinkStation banner, including the ThinkStation PX, P7, and P5. All of them are strictly for work, and not typical gaming, as you might be able to gather from the Intel Xeon W CPUs and the NVIDIA RTX 6000 Ada Generation graphics cards. They have a chassis that’s co-designed with luxury sports car company Aston Martin, as well as a redesigned thermal and cooling system. Whether you’re mounting them on a rack or putting them on your desk, they’ll look great and cool off efficiently, even though they may put out a lot of heat.


These computers are great for people who are going after the absolute best computing capabilities money can buy, with up to 120 CPU cores, four graphics cards, and 2TB of DDR5 RAM in the case of the higher-end PX. It also has a 1850W power supply to provide energy to everything this computer is packing. If you don’t need everything this massive workstation has, the P7 and P5 are also absurdly powerful, yet more modest options within the same range.

All three workstations will be available from May, but Lenovo doesn’t have pre-order pages or pricing available just yet. Keep an eye on Lenovo’s online store over the coming months.

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