If you write for a living or just for school, you might already use Grammarly to help you ensure your writing is as clean as possible. Now, Grammarly wants to go one step ahead with the help of AI.

Grammarly has announced a new AI called GrammarlyGo, which is meant to be an AI that not only corrects your typos, but actively assists you through your writing process. It can rewrite your text so it has a different tone, reads more clearly, or is shorter/longer in length/word count. If you want to, it can even come up with outlines, ideas, or full-on drafts so you can beat writer’s block and improve your own drafts.


It probably can’t write for you — as sites experimenting with AI writing found out the hard way, if you let AI completely take the reins, chaos can ensue. Instead, this tool is meant to help you improve your own writing and, occasionally, help you out with coming over a block with outlines that you can use as guides.

If this sounds useful for you, GrammarlyGo will become available across Grammarly’s different tiers — including the Premium tier and even the Free tier in select markets — in the near future. In the meantime, developers who want to check it out can give the beta a spin starting in April. 

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