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Web apps are becoming better and better, as web browsers continue to add new features and APIs. Google now has a site showing off some of the best examples of modern web apps.

Google has spent the past few years adding features in Chrome that allow web apps to behave more like native applications, with access to Bluetooth, USB, push notifications, file system handling, and more. It’s known as “Project Fugu” at Google, and many of the features have trickled down to other Chromium-based browsers (like Edge and Vivaldi), and been re-implemented in Firefox and Safari.

Google created a “Project Fugu API Showcase” in 2022 to show off web apps that implemented the new web features, but now it has been overhauled with a cleaner design and improved filters. The new showcase is available on the Chrome Developers site, and just like before, it’s a gallery for web apps that use newer browser APIs. For example, the web Snapchat app is in the gallery since it uses clipboard APIs, file system access, push notifications, and badging.

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The showcase is mostly intended as a showcase for web developers to see what is possible with modern browser APIs, but for everyone else, it’s still an interesting look at what web apps can pull off in 2023. There are NFC tag editors, programming environments, vector graphics tools, drawing applications, and even utilities for updating USB or Bluetooth devices.

It’s clear that web apps are getting better and better, and with an update coming soon, they’ll be even more useful on iPhones and iPads.

Source: Chrome Developers
Via: Thomas Steiner (Mastodon)

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