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Meta, formerly known as Facebook, sells a few different popular VR headsets. The Meta Quest Pro and Meta Quest 2 256GB model will soon receive permanent price cuts, according to a new announcement.

Meta confirmed today in a blog post that it is lowering prices for two of its VR headsets. The high-end Meta Quest Pro, which arrived last year at the price of $1,500, is being slashed to $1,000. Meanwhile, the 256 GB version of the standalone Meta Quest VR headset is dropping from $500 to $430. That’s still a bit more expensive than it was before Meta’s price hikes last year, when the 128 GB Quest 2 jumped from $299 to $400, and the 256 GB model rose from $399 to $500.

Sadly, pricing on the cheapest Quest 2 with 128 GB storage is not changing from its current price of $400. The base model almost seems like just an upsell mechanism now — if you’re already spending $400 on a VR headset, tossing another $30 to double the storage is an easy decision.

Meta Quest 2 - 256GB

The 256 GB Quest 2 has double the storage of the entry level-model, with all the same games and apps.

Meta Quest Pro

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The Meta Quest Pro is Facebook's powerful new VR headset built for work and play. It features full-color passthrough video, facial expressions, and more.

Meta said in its blog post, “While we aren’t lowering the price of Meta Quest 2’s 128GB SKU, a new lower price for 256GB of storage will let even more people feel the joy of fully immersive games and experiences. Similarly, by lowering the price of Meta Quest Pro, we’re making our industry-leading Meta Reality technology and Infinite Display optical stack available to even more businesses and professionals around the world.”

The new prices for the Quest 2 256GB will start on March 5 in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, the UK, and the US. The Meta Quest Pro price drop will start on the same day in the US and Canada, and March 15 in all other countries it is available.

Meta is dropping prices on the Quest 2 and Quest Pro only two months after the end-of-life plan was announced for the original headset. The Quest 1 will start losing features on March 5, 2023, including access to Meta Horizon Home, and bug fixes will only continue “until 2024.”

Source: Meta Blog

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