Various Anker chargers

Anker makes some of the best chargers around, especially compact models. You can now get the company’s bite-sized 40W USB Type-C wall charger for just $28.79.

Anker’s Nano Pro charger is a small wall adapter with two USB Type-C ports. When only one device is connected, it can reach charging speeds of up to 40W — fast enough to quickly top up any phone, a MacBook Air, a Nintendo Switch (but not while it’s docked), and most tablets. If you use both USB Type-C ports at once, the 40W charging speed is split across both ports.

Anker USB-C Charger 40W

This compact USB-C charger is perfect for travel, offering enough speed to power phones, tablets, and even some laptops.

The two USB ports can come in handy during travel, giving you the option to charge a phone and accessory (watch, fitness tracker, etc) from the same wall plug, or two phones. It’s also incredibly compact, measuring just 1.37 x 1.34 x 1.8 inches.

Anker has discounted the charger to $28.79, which appears to be the lowest price yet. It’s a great price for what you get, but there’s no cable included in the box — we have a list of the best USB-C cables if you need one or two.

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