Amazon Echo Show 8 display showing streamed musical artist

Amazon’s Echo Show 8 (2nd Gen) marries the convenience of Alexa with the sound of a smart speaker and the convenience of a tablet for $74.99 ($55 off) until February 26. Designed with a 13 MP camera and HD smart display, the Echo Show 8 gives you greater control of your home and more opportunities to connect with your loved ones.

Unlike traditional Echo devices, Amazon’s Echo Show 8 comes with an 8-inch HD touchscreen, complete with adaptive color for a true, vivid display. The screen enhances your smart home automation with interactive displays that let you control your Alexa-enabled gadgets and actively monitor security devices like your Ring Video Doorbell. You can also connect with the world using the 13 MP auto-framing camera through Amazon’s designated video call skill or Zoom for Home. With Zoom for Home, you can reach out to anyone with a Zoom account, regardless of whether they have an Amazon-enabled device.

Built-in stereo speakers ensure you won’t miss a word, whether you’re chatting with your friends across the country or listening to music streamed from Amazon Music. The Echo Show 8 is also compatible with Spotify and Apple Music for a more user-friendly listening experience. Get the most out of your Amazon Echo Show 8 by putting the 8-inch screen to use. Watch the latest in streaming media through Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, Tubi, and more, or load up personal photos for a looping slideshow. You can also use your Echo Show 8 like any traditional Echo device by enabling Skills, setting reminders, asking Alexa for traffic and weather updates, and running daily routines.

Simplify your life and remain connected to those closest to you with Amazon’s Echo Show 8, available for $74.99 ($55 off) until February 26. The 8-inch HD touchscreen, 13 MP camera, and stereo speakers help you better monitor your home security, watch your favorite streamed programs, and so much more.

Amazon Echo Show 8 (2nd Gen)

Amazon's family of Echo devices never looked better with the Show 8's bold touchscreen, stereo speakers, and 13 MP camera, all accompanied by the classic features of Alexa.


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