Google Photos Magic Eraser

Google’s smartphones have a few unique AI-powered features, like the “Magic Eraser” tool that can remove objects from a photo in one tap. Now, you don’t need a Pixel to try it out… but you do still have to pay up.

Magic Eraser is a fantastic feature on Google’s Pixel phones, allowing you to remove any distracting elements from a photo — power lines in a sky photo, people in the background, or almost anything else. Pixelmator on iPhone, iPad, and macOS has a similar feature, as does Lightroom, but Google’s easy-to-use implementation is great. It has also been frequently shown off in advertising, like in Google’s recent TV ads for the World Cup.

Google is now expanding the availability of Magic Eraser to earlier Pixel phones, including the Pixel 5a. There’s also a new cloud-based version of Magic Eraser that works on all iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, delivered through an update to the Google Photos app. However, only Pixel phones can use it for free. Everyone else needs a Google One subscription, which starts at $1.99 and includes 100 GB of storage across all Google services and other benefits.

The new HDR video effect Google

Google is also rolling out a new HDR effect for videos, which aims to improve brightness and contrast, as well as new styles in the collage editor. Both features require a Google One subscription, except on Pixel phones.

You should see the new features in the Google Photos app soon, on both Android and iPhone.

Source: Google

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