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If you can't log in to OpenAI's ChatGPT make sure that the servers are available. You can also check that you're using a compatible browser, have disabled your VPN, and are accessing the service through a web browser directly (not a browser extension).

Can’t log in to ChatGPT? The OpenAI sensation has sent the web into a spin, but it’s not always smooth sailing. It’s often unavailable, with many users finding it hard to even sign up or log in at times. Here are some things you can try if you’re having ChatGPT login issues.

Why Can’t I Log in to ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a web service like any other, and one that’s subject to the same server problems and connection issues that can prevent you from being able to log in. The first thing to do if you’re having trouble logging in is to make sure that your username and password are correct.

Use a password manager to store your login information to avoid issues like this in the future. For this to be your issue, you need to be able to get to the login screen in the first place.

If you can’t log in or create an account because you cannot reach the login screen at all, something else is causing the issue. This could be a server issue, or the problem could be closer to home. Browser incompatibilities or issues stemming from your connection could also be to blame. So, what can you do?

How to Fix Common ChatGPT Login Errors

If OpenAI’s servers are encountering issues, the only thing you can do is come back at a later time and try again. If you can’t even reach the login screen or you get a “ChatGPT is at capacity right now” error then this suggests the issue is with the server rather than your setup. You can always take a peek at the OpenAI status page to confirm.

ChatGPT server status

If you want to be able to access ChatGPT even during periods of high demand, consider signing up for ChatGPT Plus (using the link at the bottom of the left-hand sidebar). This costs $20 per month and gives you priority access, faster responses, and new features as they are introduced.

Browser problems may also cause problems with ChatGPT, so it’s always worth trying an alternative browser (like Firefox or Chrome) if your primary browser isn’t working. You can also try opening a new “private browsing” session in your browser of choice. If you’re using ChatGPT through a browser extension or other indirect route, consider using the website directly by visiting in your web browser.

ChatGPT browser verification

A VPN can also interfere with the ChatGPT service, so if you’re using one consider turning it off and trying again. You can also try switching servers. VPN traffic is often flagged by web servers into providing additional verification.

Alternatively, consider that your network is blocking access to ChatGPT. This may happen if you’re using the internet from within an internal network run by an employer or educational establishment. Try accessing the service from a mobile device (using a cellular connection) instead. Or, if you’re on a home network, try troubleshooting your internet connection.

If nothing works, waiting and trying later is the best solution. You can always post your problem on the OpenAI community message board to see if any other users have a solution you can try.

Can You Use ChatGPT Without a Login?

You’ll need to sign up for an OpenAI account to use the chatbot. Fortunately, these accounts don’t cost anything so you can interact with ChatGPT free of charge. You can create an account using an existing Google or Microsoft account, or sign up for a new OpenAI account directly. You’ll need to supply a valid phone number “for security reasons” according to OpenAI (no landlines, VoIP, or Google Voice).

If you’re unable to sign up, you can always try posting your prompt on a service like GPT Overflow and hope that someone asks the chatbot and posts a response for you. Failing that there’s always Microsoft’s Bing AI search to answer your queries, along with several other ChatGPT alternatives.

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