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To find your Favorite TikTok videos, open TikTok, tap "Profile," and select the "Favorites" tab. You can add as well as remove videos from your Favorites list. You can also make folders (known as Collections) to neatly arrange your Favorite items.

Liked a TikTok video you watched in the past and see it again? In a few taps, you can find your TikTok Favorites list, and you can also make folders to arrange your liked videos neatly. We’ll show you how to do that in the TikTok app.

How to Get to Favorites on TikTok

To start viewing your bookmarked videos on TikTok, launch the TikTok app on your phone. In the app’s bottom bar, tap “Profile.”

Select "Profile" at the bottom.

On your profile page, in the tab list, tap the “Favorites” tab.

Access the "Favorites" tab.

You’ll see all the videos that you’ve added to your Favorites list. To play an item on this list, simply tap it.

View Favorite videos on TikTok.

And that’s where your favorite videos are saved on TikTok.

How to Add a Video to Your TikTok Favorites

To add a video to your Favorites list, launch TikTok and play the video you’d like to bookmark. On the video page, in the right side, tap the “Favorites” icon.

Select "Favorites" on the right.

As soon as you tap the icon, TikTok will display a message saying “Added to Favorites.” The icon will turn golden, indicating your video has been added to your Favorites list.

Video added to Favorites.

If you’d like to add to a video in your favorites, learn how to stitch on TikTok.

How to Use Folders to Organize TikTok Favorites

To make managing your bookmarked videos easier, TikTok allows you to create folders (known as Collections) where you can place your videos. This helps you categorize your videos and declutter the main Favorites list.

To make a new folder, open TikTok on your phone and head into Profile > Favorites > Collections. Then, tap “Create New Collection.”

Select "Create New Collection."

On the “New Collection” panel, tap “Name” and type a name for your folder. Use a descriptive name so it’s easier to recognize the folder in the future.

If you’d like to make your folder visible to the public, toggle on the “Make Public” option. Otherwise, keep it turned off. Then, tap “Next.”

Enter the Collection details and tap "Next."

You’ll see a “Select Videos” screen displaying all your Favorite videos. Here, tap the videos you’d like to add to your newly-created folder. Then, at the bottom, select “Add Videos (X).” (X is the number of videos you’ve selected.)

Choose video(s) and tap "Add Videos (X)."

TikTok will add your selected videos to your Collection. You’ll find this Collection under the “Collections” subtab in the “Favorites” tab on your profile page.

View a TikTok Collection.

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How to Remove a Video From Your TikTok Favorites

If you no longer wish to keep a video in your Favorites list, you can remove the video. To do that, open TikTok and access your profile page. Then, tap “Favorites” and select the video to remove.

Choose a video.

On the video playback screen, in the right side, tap the “Favorites” icon.

Tap "Favorites" on the right.

Upon tapping, the icon will quickly turn white, indicating the chosen video has been removed from your Favorites list.

Video removed from Favorites.

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