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Go to Profile > Drafts, select the draft video, and, on Android, tap "Save." On iPhone or iPad, select "Next," change "Who Can Watch This Video" to "Only Me," tap "More Options," enable "Save to Device," and then post it. The video will be in your gallery app.

Want to save a video you’ve captured or edited with TikTok to your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone’s gallery? If so, you can easily save all your draft videos to your phone’s camera roll without posting them to the public (even on iPhone). Here’s how.

Note: Your downloaded video will retain all your editing, like the stickers and other items you may have added to it in the TikTok app.

How to Download TikTok Drafts on Android Without Posting

To begin downloading a draft video, open TikTok on your Android phone and select “Profile” at the bottom.

Tap "Profile" at the bottom.

On your profile page, view your drafted videos by tapping “Drafts.”

Select "Drafts."

On the “Drafts” page, choose the video to download.

Select a draft video.

When the video plays, in the top-right corner, tap “Save.”

Note: In our testing, the Save button doesn’t appear on every Android phone. If you don’t see the Save option, use the iPhone and iPad method below to download the draft to your device.

Select "Save" in the top-right corner.

TikTok will save the video to your Android phone’s local storage. You can access your downloaded video using your phone’s default gallery app.

How to Download TikTok Drafts on iPhone and iPad

Unlike with Android, on an iPhone or iPad, you can’t tap an option to save a draft video to your phone. Instead, you have to finish the publishing process to save the video to your device. If you don’t want anyone to see the video you’re saving, don’t worry; you can keep the video completely private when uploading it. That way you can technically download your TikTok video without posting.

First, launch TikTok on your iPhone or iPad and select “Profile” in the bottom bar.

Choose "Profile" at the bottom.

On your profile page, view your drafts by tapping “Drafts.”

Choose "Drafts."

Select the video you’d like to download to your phone.

Tap a draft video.

On the video page, at the bottom, tap “Next.”

Select "Next" at the bottom.

On the “Post” screen that opens, tap “Who Can Watch This Video” and select “Only Me.” This way, you’ll publish your video, but nobody on TikTok will be able to see it. If you don’t mind people seeing it, though, you can leave the default setting.

Then, on the same page, tap “More Options.”

Change TikTok draft's privacy settings.

Toggle on the “Save to Device” option, so a copy of your video is saved on your iPhone or iPad when you publish the video. Then, in your screen’s top-left corner, tap the “X” icon.

Enable "Save to Device" and tap "X."

Back on the “Post” page, at the bottom, tap “Post” to publish your video.

Select "Post" at the bottom.

And that’s it. Your video’s copy has been saved in your iPhone or iPad’s Photos app. Launch the app and you’ll find your TikTok video right in there in your camera roll. Enjoy!

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