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Peacock is the streaming service from NBCUniversal, with a collection of the company’s movies and shows, plus some original content. It has been freely accessible to Comcast Xfinity subscribers, but that perk is going away soon.

NBCU has confirmed to Variety that Xfinity TV and internet subscribers will no longer get free access to the ad-supported tier of Peacock, which normally costs $4.99 per month. Starting on April 3, 2023, new Xfinity subscribers will only be able to get six months of Peacock Premium for free, with an option to subscribe at a discounted rate after that. After June 26, the free bundling goes away for all Xfinity customers.

The news isn’t completely surprising — NBCUniversal said in 2022 that the bundling would end at some point. Peacock is also still losing money, and converting some of those free viewers to paid subscribers could help fix that. Peacock and Xfinity are both owned by NBCU.

Peacock normally costs $4.99/mo for the Premium tier, or $9.99/mo for “Premium Plus” with no advertising and offline download support. There’s also an option to pay yearly, dropping the prices to $49.99/yr and $99.99/yr, respectively. Peacock previously had a completely free tier with a limited library and ads, but that option went away in January.

Source: Variety

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