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Upgrade the way you do business with eFax. Their advanced digitized service allows you to send and receive important documents while on the go so you can be more efficient. Below are six ways eFax can improve your business communications, and we’ll even tell you how new customers can save money with this exclusive $5 offer.

1. Fax From Your Desktop or Mobile Device

You can receive, edit, sign, and send faxes right from your phone or computer with the free eFax app — it’s like having access to a fax machine in your pocket. Using the app on your iOS or Android smartphone is fast and convenient. Once you download the app and choose a local, toll-free, or international fax number, you’ll be able to interact with faxes electronically with the swipe of a finger. You can upload files from Google Drive, Box, or Dropbox, or use your phone’s camera to scan documents that need to be faxed. You’ll even be able to tag faxes to keep them organized and searchable.

2. Rely on Enhanced Security

eFax provides a secure way to send and receive faxes using an encrypted transit and will send them straight to your personal inbox to keep your important information confidential. Their trusted online fax services have made them the preferred choice of top law firms and Fortune 500 companies. eFax has plans that have advanced TLS secure transmission options that can help your business maintain regulatory compliance standards for HIPAA, SOX, GLBA, PCI, and other Federal Regulations. They’ll provide a detailed audit trail and accessible fax confirmation receipts, securing and encrypting important data to the highest standards. Their cloud-based faxing solution also uses minimal in-house IT resources and requires no software or hardware costs, helping you save on expensive fax servers and departmental machines.

3. Share Large Files With Ease

You won’t be limited to sharing single-page documents with eFax, as the service can support files up to 3GB in size. Instead of sharing larger files through email and experiencing slow or failed deliveries, you can share up to 75 files per month through eFax’s online service. It can support files of any format, including zipped files, so you can send your large presentations, high-resolution images, videos, and more with ease. You’ll be able to share a secure link to your files to up to 20 email addresses at once and monitor the recipients’ downloads with email notifications. eFax will also keep your files safe and accessible for a full 90 days before they expire.

4. Maintain Unlimited Online Storage

If you don’t want your faxes to expire, you can use eFax’s unlimited storage for the lifetime of your account to keep them available as long as you’d like. Their lifetime storage and online retrieval features are included free with your account, storing your documents in the cloud as long as you’re a customer. Whenever you send or receive a document through eFax, it’s automatically stored, along with the document’s relevant data, such as the date, time, and recipient. Their cloud network of secure servers protects your faxed information with badge requirements, biometric access, redundant storage, and video surveillance, so you can have peace of mind knowing your stored documents are secure. Once saved, you can access and organize all of your faxes at any time to easily retrieve them when you need to.

5. Use an Electronic Signature

E-signatures are now viewed as legally binding as handwritten signatures, and eFax makes electronically signing all of your documents simple. You can sign digitally with Finger Swipe technology, using your finger on a touch-sensitive screen, or you can save a picture of your handwritten signature to drag and drop on as many documents as you’d like. Either method will save you time while allowing you to conduct your business on the go with minimal effort on your iOS or Android device. With eFax’s convenient e-signatures, you’ll be able to develop better customer relationships and close deals faster with much less paperwork.

6. Share Online Files

You can connect your eFax account with your favorite online cloud storage applications to have constant on-the-go access to any document you need. Their services are integrated with Dropbox, Box, iCloud, and Google Drive so you can easily share files from the cloud to the fax you need to send. The process is as simple as attaching a file to an email and can be done from a desktop, smartphone, or tablet. Not only will you be able to attach and send any file to any document, but storing items in the cloud will free up space on your devices to keep them running smoothly.

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Save On Your First Month of eFax

Receiving, signing, sharing, and sending faxes has never been easier than with eFax’s cloud-based solution. Instead of being limited to in-office fax machines, eFax allows you to interact with important business documents on the go through your smart devices. The makers of eFax are so confident that you’ll benefit from their electronic faxing services that they’re offering the first month of your subscription for only $5 to get you started. Once you try it, you’ll likely wonder how you ever conducted business without eFax.

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eFax is a secure online faxing service that allows you to receive, sign, share, and send faxes using your connected devices, including your smartphone.