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Type "@everyone" to tag every member of your Facebook group, provided the feature is available to you and that you are an admin. You can use the feature once per day per group, though you should use it sparingly to avoid annoying group members.

Facebook now includes a powerful feature for group admins to tag all members at once with a single tag. Though useful, the feature should be used sparingly. You can also disable this tag on your personal account if you’re finding it annoying.

Tag Everyone in a Facebook Group with a Tag

You can mention every member of a Facebook group that you manage using the @everyone tag. Simply start a new update then start typing @everyone and select the tag from the autocomplete menu that appears. If you don’t see the @everyone tag appear when you start typing, you aren’t able to use it.

The @everyone tag works in other places too, like in comments on posts, and as a tag in photos that are posted in your group. This works with Facebook’s mobile apps and on the Facebook website. You can use the @everyone tag once per day, per group.

Using the @everyone tag on Facebook

You can put the @everyone tag anywhere in your message and achieve the same result. When you hit send on your post, comment, or photo upload group members will receive a notification. This will appear in the Facebook notifications feed and also appear as a push notification on mobile devices if members have notifications enabled.

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Why Can’t I Tag Everyone in a Facebook Group?

Facebook started rolling the @everyone tag out in early 2022, but it doesn’t seem to have made it to all groups yet. If you can’t use it in a group in which you have administrator status, it’s possible that Facebook is yet to enable it on your particular group. There’s not a lot you can do about this beyond waiting.

In testing, we noticed that the feature was present in some groups that we managed and absent in others. There was seemingly no pattern to this and availability was unaffected by group popularity, whether it was public or private, or whether it had active members or not.

Using the @everyone tag in a comment on Facebook

As of this writing, only admins can use the @everyone tag, which means that moderators and standard group members won’t be able to take part. These members can still tag other individuals in the group using standard @ tags.

Use the @everyone Tag Sparingly

When a group member receives a notification using the @everyone tag, it appears as if they have been personally tagged. The notification appears as “Group member mentioned you and others in a comment…” or “Group member tagged you and others in a photo…” which can catch their attention in a push notification.

Incoming @everyone tag notification

It’s no secret that the use of this feature to send frequent, spammy messages has caught the ire of Facebook users. That’s why it’s best used sparingly to announce important changes or big news. Just because you can use it once per day doesn’t mean you should do so.

How to Disable the @everyone Facebook Tag

Have you been on the receiving end of @everyone tag abuse? You can disable the feature on your personal account. Access Facebook settings on mobile by tapping the hamburger menu button followed by the “Cog” icon. In a web browser click on your profile picture in the top-right corner of the page followed by Settings & Privacy > Settings.

Select “Notifications” or “Notification Settings” depending on which you see, then select the “Tags” sub-menu. Set “Get notifications when you’re tagged by” to “Friends of Friends” or just “Friends” and then you’ll be able to disable the “Batch @everyone mentions” below.

Turn off @everyone notifications on Facebook

Alternatively, you can leave the feature on and just leave any of your Facebook groups that are abusing the feature.

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