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What to Look For in a Galaxy S23+ Case in 2023

Like many high-end Android phones, the Galaxy S23+ has glass on the back and the front. Even with this high-quality, durable glass, the phone is susceptible to damage all over. If you want to keep your S23+ safe, you’ll need a case.

One of the most important decisions to make regarding a case is the form factor you want to use. This goes hand in hand with how much protection the case offers. Slim and light cases don’t add as much bulk and fit in your pocket easily but have less protection, while cases that offer more protection are significantly bulkier.

You’ll also want to consider what extra features you want the case to have. For example, even slim cases can have raised edges to better protect your screen and camera lens, while wallet-style cases offer you slots to hold cards and pockets for cash.

Cases come in different materials as well. Some use a more rigid plastic composite, while others use thermoplastic polyurethane, or TPU. TPU is softer and more flexible than rigid materials but is easier to fit onto your phone. You’ll also see cases in leather, faux leather, or combinations of materials.

Many cases offer support for wireless charging, but it’s important to note that not all phones do. If you’re looking at a case, and it doesn’t mention that it features support for wireless charging, don’t assume that it will work with wireless chargers.

Finally, the look is a significant factor. Even plastic cases come in various colors and clear finishes let you see your phone underneath. No matter how protective your case is, if you don’t like how it looks, you’re not going to use it.

Note: The cases below will only fit the Galaxy S23+ model. They will not fit on the standard S23 or Ultra. Have a different model? Check out our best Galaxy cases roundup to find what you need!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between the Galaxy S23 models?
The Samsung Galaxy S23+ is the mid-sized model of the S23 line, with a 6.6-inch screen and a triple camera array. The Galaxy S23 features a 6.1-inch screen and the same camera, while the Galaxy S23 Ultra features a 6.8-inch screen and a four-camera module.
Does the Galaxy S23+ have a headphone jack?
No. Like the Galaxy S22 line, the Samsung Galaxy S23+ doesn’t have a headphone jack.
Is the Galaxy S23+ waterproof?
The Samsung Galaxy S23+ is IP68-rated water-resistant, which means it’s resistant to splashes of water. It isn’t fully waterproof, and you should never submerge the phone in water.
How do I take a screenshot on the Galaxy S23+?
Press the volume down button and the side button (formerly known as the power button) simultaneously to take a screenshot. If you need more help, check out our guide on how to take screenshots on Galaxy phones.

Best Galaxy S23+ Case Overall: Spigen Liquid Air

Spigen Liquid Air cases on grey background


  • Slim fit but good protection
  • Anti-slip design and matte finish
  • Air Cushion Technology offers good drop protection


  • Limited to black and green color options

Most people don’t need heavy-duty protection for their phones. You just need something to protect it from the occasional drop or bump. The Spigen Liquid Air has plenty of protection for most people, with a slim, easy-to-hold grip.

This case features an anti-slip design and matte finish that should help you hold onto it. It also features raised bezels above the screen and cameras, protecting both in the event of a drop or just placing your phone on a rough surface.

While it isn’t mentioned open the Amazon page, Spigen mentions that most models of its cases, including the Liquid Air series, are compatible with wireless charging. This is to be expected with a phone with this type of form factor, but it’s still nice to see it confirmed.

The Spigen Liquid Air Designed for Galaxy S23+ Case uses the company’s Air Cushion Technology for anti-shock protection. The case is available in Matte Black and Abyss Green.

Best Galaxy S23+ Case Overall

Spigen Liquid Air Designed for Galaxy S23+ Case

The Spigen Liquid Air Designed for Galaxy S23+ Case offers a slim fit that still offers plenty of protection along with an anti-slip finish that means you won't lose your grip.

Best Budget Galaxy S23+ Case: Caseology Parallax

Caseology Parallax collage


  • Hexa Core design means you won't lose your grip
  • Wireless charging support
  • Lifted edges protect screen and camera lenses


  • Colors are an odd choice

You can spend quite a bit of money on a case for your phone if you want, but you certainly don’t have to. The Caseology Parallax Case is affordable and doesn’t make any compromises when protecting your phone.

The back of the case uses Caseology’s Hexa Cube design, which has an eye-catching look but also gives your fingertips something to hold onto on the back of the phone. This, combined with TPU grips on the sides, means you’ll always have a secure grip on your Galaxy S23+

While Caseology says the Parallax case uses military-grade protection, that doesn’t mean it’s bulky or overly large. The case is compatible with wireless charging and offers space to work with tempered glass screen protectors like this Samcorn model for the Galaxy S23+.

The Caseology Parallax Designed for Samsung Galaxy S23+ Case is available in three different two-tone finishes: Matte Black, Midnight Green, and Burgundy.

Best Budget Galaxy S23+ Case

Caseology Parallax Designed for Samsung Galaxy S23+ Case

The Caseology Parallax Designed for Samsung Galaxy S23+ Case offers plenty of protection for your phone without a sky-high price.

Best Galaxy S23+ Wallet Case: Smartish Wallet Slayer Vol. 1

Smartish Wallet Slayer on pink background


  • Unique design for a wallet-style case
  • Plenty of protection
  • Built-in spring holds cash and cards in place


  • Style may not be for everyone

Most wallet phone cases take a tried and true approach, adding a cover flap for your phone and a few slots for cards and cash. The Smartish Wallet Slayer Vol. 1 takes a more unique, modern approach to a wallet-style case.

This case has no moving pieces, with no flap covering your screen. Instead, it puts all the wallet functionality on the back of the case. There are three slots for cards, plus an additional pocket for cash. A built-in spring adds pressure to keep your cards from sliding out as you use your phone.

When your phone lands on a corner, this is a particularly heavy impact. To combat this, the Smartish case has air pockets on every corner, softening the impact from drops. To prevent drops in the first place, the sides are textured, offering extra grip.

The Smartish Galaxy S23+ Wallet Case has four finish options: Black Tie Affair, Graspin’ Aspen, Spaced Out, and Take A Hike. You can also customize the case with your own design if none of these appeal to you.

Best Galaxy S23+ Wallet Case

Smartish Galaxy S23+ Wallet Case - Wallet Slayer Vol. 1

The Smartish Galaxy S23+ Wallet Case is a unique, more modern take on what a wallet-style case can be, great if you're looking for something less traditional.

Best Rugged Galaxy S23+ Case: UAG Plasma Case

Urban Armor Gear Plasma case on grey background
Urban Armor Gear


  • Drop tested from 16 feet
  • Wireless charging compatible
  • Tactile grip on the sides helps you hold on


  • Not everyone needs a case this rugged

If you’re regularly bringing your Galaxy S23+ to rough locales, a normal case isn’t going to protect it. The UAG Plasma Case will protect your phone in all but the harshest environments.

Urban Armor Gear takes its cases seriously, testing this model with 16-foot drop tests. To reduce impacts on corners, the case corners are reinforced with TPU. The edges of the case are textured with a tactile grip to hopefully prevent you from dropping the phone in the first place.

Raised bezels around the screen and cameras protect the glass in these important areas. Wireless charging is supported, with Urban Armor Gear stating that most third-party chargers will work with the case.

The UAG is only available in the Ice colorway, but if you opt for the similar Civilian or Monarch models, you can find other available colors.

Best Rugged Galaxy S23+ Case

URBAN ARMOR GEAR UAG Designed for Samsung Galaxy S23+ Case

Not everyone needs a case this heavy-duty, but if you do, the URBAN ARMOR GEAR UAG Designed for Samsung Galaxy S23+ Case will protect your phone from almost everything.

Best Clear Galaxy S23+ Case: Spigen Liquid Crystal

Spigen Liquid Crystal case on dark background with leaves


  • Multiple clear finish options
  • Ease to put on and remove from your phone
  • Wireless charging and PowerShare compatible


  • Reinforced buttons aren't for everyone

There are plenty of clear cases out there, but many are bulky, don’t offer much protection, or have other shortcomings. The Spigen Liquid Crystal Case has everything you want in a clear case, with a few interesting touches.

The Spigen Liquid Crystal series of cases are made from a single, flexible TPU layer. This offers decent protection, but also makes placing the case on your phone and removing it easier than cases that use a rigid element to reinforce the case body.

This case is compatible with wireless charging in more ways than one. Not only can you charge your phone wirelessly with this case, but it also supports Samsung PowerShare wireless charging.

Unlike most clear cases, the Spigen Liquid Crystal Case comes in three varieties: Crystal Clear, Crystal Quartz, and Space Crystal.

Best Clear Galaxy S23+ Case

Spigen Liquid Crystal Designed for Galaxy S23+ Case

Where most companies would have stopped, Spigen kept going with the Spigen Liquid Crystal Designed for Galaxy S23+ Case, offering multiple clear finish options.

Best Thin Galaxy S23+ Case: TORRAS Shockproof Case

Person using Galaxy S23 Plus in TORRAS case


  • Drop tested from 10 feet
  • Good grip
  • Wireless charging and PowerShare compatible


  • Only black and blue color options

Finding a thin case for your phone can be tough. You don’t want much extra bulk, but you still want to ensure that your phone is adequately protected. The TORRAS Shockproof Case is sleek and slim but has plenty of features to keep your phone safe.

TORRAS says this case has been tested with over 8,000 drops from 10 feet. This is thanks in part to the 360-degree honeycomb airbag design that surrounds the outside of the case. The case also uses TORRAS’s patented X-shock design to reinforce the corners against impacts.

As with many other cases we’re looking at, the TORRAS model features raised bezels for extra protection around the screen and camera lenses. It also features nano-coating to prevent fingerprints and soft silicone edges for a better grip.

The TORRAS Shockproof Designed for Samsung Galaxy S23+ Case is available in two colors—Black and Blue.

Best Thin Galaxy S23+ Case

TORRAS Shockproof Designed for Samsung Galaxy S23+ Case

If you're looking for a slim case that you'll barely notice but still need protection, the TORRAS Shockproof Designed for Samsung Galaxy S23+ Case is a great option.

Best Leather Galaxy S23+ Case: Snakehive Vintage Wallet Case

Snakehive wallet case on pink and yellow background


  • Real leather with multiple color options
  • European Nubuck leather has a soft, suede-like feel
  • Magnetic closure keeps cards and cash safe


  • Unique patina might not be for you

We’ve already looked at a wallet-style case, but what if you’re looking for something more traditional? The Snakehive Vintage Wallet Case is made from real leather and has plenty of features you’d wish for in a standard wallet.

Snakehive Vintage Wallet cases are handmade in Europe, using European Nubuck leather. This has a soft, suede-like feel, meaning your phone feels nicely protected inside the case. Because it’s real leather, the case will develop a unique patina over time.

Looking at the wallet functions, you get three card slots and a money compartment. The case also uses a magnetic closure to ensure that your phone, cards, and money stay safe. Raised bezels protect the screen and camera lens.

The Snakehive Vintage Wallet for Samsung Galaxy S23+ is available in six color options: Brown, Black, Green, Navy, Plum, and Teal.

Best Leather Galaxy S23+ Case

Snakehive Vintage Wallet for Samsung Galaxy S23+

If you're looking for a classic wallet case, the Snakehive Vintage Wallet for Samsung Galaxy S23+ is a perfect choice with real leather and plenty of space for cards and cash.

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