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Transmission is one of the most popular BitTorrent applications, especially on Linux and macOS. The development team just released Transmission 4.0, and it makes the torrent app even better on all platforms.

Transmission 4.0 has been “in active development for over a year,” according to the announcement, and there’s a lot to talk about. The codebase has been migrated from C to C++, much of the code for the graphical GTK client and web app have been modernized, and the developers have extensively tested and improved inefficient code. The result is that Transmission now uses far less CPU and memory resources — a test with 25,000 active torrents was using 50% fewer CPU cycles and 70% less memory.

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In terms of new features, there’s support for importing BitTorrent v2 torrents and hybrid torrents, though they cannot be created with the app yet. You can also set default trackers to be used in all public torrents, and omit potentially-identifying information (like the user agent string) when creating new torrents. The web app has been rewritten and now properly supports mobile, and IPv6 blocklists are now supported.

You can download Transmission 4.0 from the official site right now. It’s available for Mac, Windows, Linux, and many Unix derivatives and embedded systems. The new version looks great, and could very well be the best torrent client you can get at the moment.

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