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Skype isn’t quite as popular as it used to be, and Microsoft has shifted most of its attention to Teams, but Skype still receives the occasional update. It took a while, but Skype is finally testing proper support for M1 and M2 Mac computers.

The first Mac computers with Apple Silicon chips arrived in 2020, and most popular apps have been updated already to run natively on the new chips for the best possible performance. Microsoft was quick to update apps like Edge, but only now is Skype getting the same improvements. The Skype Insider version now runs natively on M1 and M2 Macs. A blog post from the Skype team explains that the new version is three times faster on Apple Silicon Macs, which isn’t too surprising — Skype for Mac is built with web technologies, and the multiple layers of translation required to run the code on Apple Silicon means the app has been slow.

Microsoft said, “Skype’s optimized performance for the Apple Silicon M1 chip is designed to provide an unparalleled experience, delivering maximum performance and reliability. With this native Apple M1 support, Skype delivers faster and more reliable call connections, so you can stay connected with the people who matter most to you.”

If you want to try out the new version on your Mac now, you can download Skype Insider. Apple Silicon support should roll out to the regular public version “soon.”

Source: Skype Blog

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