Since its inception, OnePlus has always released its phones in the US, and since the OnePlus 6T, carriers like T-Mobile have sold its phones. The OnePlus 11 has been announced, and it’s a big step forward — but also a step back in terms of US support.

The OnePlus 11 has been unveiled globally after an initial reveal in China, and it might be a contender for the best Android phone. For starters, it has a 6.67-inch QHD+ 120Hz AMOLED display and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset, as well as up to 80W charging and 16GB of RAM. We also get a 50MP rear camera setup with Hasselblad branding, ensuring you’ll get a top-notch experience if you choose to buy this smartphone.

The bad news, however, is that OnePlus has ended its year-long partnership with T-Mobile, which won’t carry the OnePlus 11. This is a setback for US support as it means that it will only be sold unlocked, something that could prove tricky for US buyers as it means support on carriers could be a hit-or-miss thing. As a reminder, OnePlus is currently operating as essentially a sub-brand of OPPO, a China-based smartphone maker that doesn’t have a presence of its own in the United States.

You’ll be able to buy the OnePlus 11 starting at $699.

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