High-end laptops are great and all, but budget models are what most people are buying, and they deserve some attention as well. Acer has now announced a new series of entry-level Windows laptops, primarily aimed at students.

Acer has just announced the new Acer TravelMate range, complete with Intel’s 13th gen CPUs — just not the i5, i7, and i9 chips you’re used to seeing in headlines. Instead, you’re getting Intel’s Core i3 N-series budget CPUs, as well as the chipmaker’s replacements for the Celeron and Pentium range, which are just dubbed “Intel Processor.”


The TravelMate B3 11 and the B3 Spin 11 are powered by up to an Intel Processor N200 CPU, which gives you four single-threaded cores, while the TravelMate B5 14 brings things up to an Intel Core i3-N305, with a total of eight cores. The laptops themselves are supposedly sturdy, while also providing plenty of connectivity thanks to support for Wi-Fi 6E and ultra-fast Type-C and Type-A USB 3.2 Gen 1 ports.

Pricing looks decent on the new laptops. The TravelMate B5 14 will start at $429, while the B3 11 will go even lower, at $329 — with the Spin variant costing $399. These are definitely among the cheapest 2023 laptops your money can buy. We’ll need to see some of the other specs to make a final judgment of whether this is a worthy purchase or not — we don’t know anything about RAM or storage, for one — but we’ll know more as we get closer to the launch in April.

Source: Acer

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