NZXT Capsule Mini

It can be hard to pick from the best gaming microphones, and now there’s yet another option. NZXT has just unveiled a new microphone and accompanying boom arm, and they’re both pretty tiny.

NZXT is known for its minimalistic design language, and the Capsule Mini, with its respective Boom Arm Mini, is certainly not disappointing there. The new products are essentially small versions of the beloved Boom Arm and the Capsule, and they are designed for anyone who want to maximize the sound of their streams and/or voice chats while taking up as little space as possible.


These new Mini variants support most of the same features as their larger versions. The Capsule Mini has a unidirectional cardioid polar pattern to block out unwanted noises. The 24-bit/48KHz analog-to-digital resolution conversion is a bit of a step down compared to the Capsule’s 96KHz, but it’s still pretty great. And the Boom Arm Mini will let you angle your new tiny microphone however you want thanks to its smooth-moving arm and sturdy construction.

You can get the Boom Arm Mini and the Capsule Mini for $70 each. The full-size Capsule microphone costs $130.

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