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Paramount’s flagship streaming service, Paramount+, is slowly but surely catching steam. Now the company is merging its Showtime network into Paramount+, with the resulting merged package to be offered in a newly rebranded subscription service.

Paramount has confirmed that Showtime will be merged into the premium tier of Paramount+, which will be called “Paramount+ With Showtime” once said merger is finalized. Details such as merging accounts of people with both services will be shared in the coming weeks, but as far as programming goes, you can expect core Showtime shows such as Dexter and Yellowjackets to make it through the move.

There will be cuts associated with the move, though, as not-so-subtly hinted in a memo by Showtime’s Chris McCarthy. This means that underperforming shows will likely get the boot over the next few weeks or months as this merger goes forward. Already, a few shows such as American Gigolo have been axed, and more will likely join the ranks soon.

There are many things we don’t know yet, but if you’re a Paramount+ subscriber or a Showtime subscriber (or both!), a lot of the issues and big questions around this merger will likely be cleared up.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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