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There are very few things that are as nostalgic as those old Casio or Texas Instruments calculators. And if you want to reminisce about the old days, the Internet Archive now has a bunch of those calculators available online in the form of emulators.

The Internet Archive has published “The Calculator Drawer,” a collection of emulators of several popular calculators, including, among others, the TI-85, the TI-86, and a bunch of HP emulators. It’s a slim collection so far, but you have many of the ones you might want to check out. Many of these emulators have a visual, digital representation of not only the software output of the calculator’s hardware but also of the keys themselves for an experience that’s as accurate as possible.

The Internet Archive

Of course, the need of having a physical calculator has been diminished in recent times, as our phones and computers have built-in calculators. You might still need one if you’re a student, in case they don’t let you pull out smartphones for whatever reason, but this emulator probably isn’t a replacement for those cases. After all, you’re still running that calculator on smarter, more powerful hardware.

If you want to have a look at that vast collection, head on over to The Calculator Drawer.

Source: The Internet Archive

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