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One way to unfollow people on TikTok is to visit their profile page and tap the checkmark icon. Another way is to search for the user and tap "Following" next to their account. Unfollow multiple accounts quickly by opening your profile page and tapping "Following."

Don’t want to see someone’s videos in your Following list anymore? Unfollowing that user in your TikTok account is easy. We’ll show you two different ways to do that, plus how to mass-unfollow many accounts at once.

What Happens When You Unfollow a TikTok Account?

When you unfollow someone, TikTok stops displaying that user’s videos in your Following feed. The user won’t be notified that you’ve unfollowed them, but they can manually review their follower list and find out that you’re no longer there.

Unlike blocking someone on TikTok, unfollowing still allows the user to see your videos and interact with them. They can find and view your profile and even message you, similar to how unfollowing someone on Facebook works.

In a nutshell, to avoid seeing someone’s videos in your feed, unfollow them. To prevent someone from finding you and accessing your videos entirely, block them instead.

How to Unfollow Someone on TikTok

There are two ways to unfollow someone: you can use the user’s profile or TikTok’s search box. Both methods accomplish the same thing, so choose the one most convenient for you.

From a User’s Profile Page

To unfollow someone from their profile page, launch TikTok on your phone and access the user’s profile. You can do this by tapping the user’s name on their video.

On the selected user’s profile page, next to “Message,” tap the icon of a person with a checkmark on it.

And immediately, you’ll unfollow that person on TikTok. The button you tapped now says “Follow,” which indicates you were successful in unfollowing that person.

Selected user unfollowed on TikTok.

And you’re all set.

Using the Search Box

If you can’t find a video from the user you want to unfollow, use TikTok’s search box to find that user.

First, launch the TikTok app on your phone and select the search icon at the top. Then, type the username of the account you want to unfollow and press Enter.

Enter a TikTok username and press Enter.

In search results, next to the account you want to unfollow, tap “Following.”

Select "Following" next to an account.

“Following” will turn into “Follow,” meaning you have successfully unfollowed that account.

Successfully unfollowed the selected TikTok account.

You’re all set. If you want to remove all traces of that user from your account, learn how to find and remove their videos from your watch history too.

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How to Mass Unfollow on TikTok

Have you followed too many accounts that you now wish to unfollow? You can make your job easier by viewing your following list and unfollowing many users at once from there.

To do that, launch TikTok on your phone and tap “Profile” in the app’s bottom-right corner.

Select "Profile" in the bottom-right corner.

On your profile page, tap “Following.”

Choose "Following."

You’ll see the accounts that you follow. Here, to unfollow an account, tap “Following” next to it.

Select "Following" next to an account.

When you tap that option, the button will turn into “Follow,” indicating the selected user was unfollowed.

Selected account successfully unfollowed.

And that’s how you get rid of specific people from your TikTok feed. Happy watching your curated content!

If you’re also on Instagram, learn how to unfollow Instagram accounts too, or how to mute people on Instagram instead.

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