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Google has been trying to turn Chromebooks into gaming laptops for years, first with the introduction of Android and Linux apps, and later with cloud gaming integration. Now there’s another way to play games on a Chromebook: Boosteroid.

Boosteroid is a cloud gaming platform that works a bit differently than Amazon Luna, Google’s ill-fated Stadia, or Xbox Game Streaming. The service gives you access to a “high-end remote gaming rig,” on which you can run PC games you already own. However, like Nvidia GeForce NOW, you’re still limited to games that are officially supported by Boosteroid. The company doesn’t let you see which games are available until you sign up. Much like Nvidia GeForce NOW, many more games were previously available, but were later pulled until a firm agreement could be established with a given publisher.

Today, Boosteroid announced an updated Progressive Web App designed with Chrome OS in mind, offering a better cloud gaming experience on Chromebooks. The service also works on PC, Mac, Android, Linux desktops, and some smart TVs, as long as you live in supported areas and have an internet connection of at least 15 Mbps. Boosteroid has servers in Romania, Italy, Ukraine, UK, Slovakia, France, Spain, Sweden, Serbia, and the United States (Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Texas, Illinois, Florida, and Washington).

The company said in a blog post, “No need to download, update and store game files on your device. Just sign up for Boosteroid, subscribe, pick a game from the catalog of titles compatible with your remote gaming desktop, log in to your Steam, Epic or other accounts and play! You run games under your game accounts, so the progress is saved there and you can continue right from where you’ve left off.”

Boosteroid is a paid service, priced at €9.89 per month or €89.89 yearly.

Source: Boosteroid

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