Samsung 980 Pro

Samsung makes some of the best internal SSDs around, especially its NVMe drives. Now you can get the Samsung 980 1TB SSD with a heatsink for $120, a discount of 20% from the original price.

The Samsung 980 Pro is an M.2 NVMe solid state drive. It’s one of the fastest SSDs in the world, with sequential read speeds of up to 7,000 MB/s and sequential writes of up to 5,100 MB/s. It’s an excellent choice for any PC with a compatible NVMe slot on the motherboard, and Samsung also advertises it as compatible with the PlayStation 5.

1TB Samsung 980 Pro with Heatsink

This SSD delivers some of the fastest speeds possible over NVMe, complete with a heatsink that helps maintain performance during sustained workloads or gaming sessions.

This is the model of the Samsung 980 Pro with an integrated heatsink, which helps the SSD to maintain high performance during extended workloads or long gaming sessions. The heatsink adds a bit of bulk to the package, meaning it won’t fit in laptops and some other super-slim and embedded form factors. The model without the heatsink is the same price.

If your PC doesn’t have an NVMe slot, or you’re just curious what the other options are, check out our roundup of the best internal SSDs for some alternative drives.

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