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Whether you’re preparing a document or a big presentation, Google’s suite of online tools can be incredibly useful. And now, Docs and Slides are easier to use with your voice.

The latest update to Google Workspace includes two big improvements to voice-related features. These are features that already existed, mind you, but now they have been updated to reduce transcription issues and lost audio. This update also includes expanded availability for voice features on browsers.

Google specifically mentioned two features where these improvements will make a difference. Typing in a document or presentation using your voice should be improved, and you can also add captions to slides in real time. Those captions will now also include auto-generated punctuation, which wasn’t present before.

Transcription is hard to get right, but Google has been notably good at it, with its speech-to-text model being one of the very best out there. It’s high time some of Google’s most used services got them.

Source: Google

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