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Amazon already allows other stores to use saved payment information, and sellers can even use the company’s warehouses for shipping orders. Soon, you’ll be able to buy an item through Amazon… at stores that aren’t Amazon.

Amazon has been testing a “Buy with Prime” feature since April 2021, which allows companies to sell their products through their own website, but with Amazon handling the entire purchase process. If someone uses the Buy with Prime option on a company’s website, they get “fast, free delivery, a seamless checkout experience, and easy returns.” Basically, it’s the same thing as buying through Amazon, except it could start from product listings on Wyze’s website and others instead of just

Wyze website image with two buy buttons
Buy with Amazon button on a Wyze product listing Wyze

Buy with Prime will be widely available to companies in the United States starting January 31, 2022. Amazon says the feature has increased purchases by 25% on average for sites that have been testing it, which isn’t too surprising — many people already use Amazon, and Buy With Amazon means easier returns and not typing your address again. Some stores already use Amazon Pay, which provides easy access to payment methods and addresses stored in Amazon accounts, but then it’s still up to the store to ship the product and handle returns.

Amazon is also going a step further, and now allows sites to display ratings and reviews from Amazon on their own online stores. The company said, “when an Amazon shopper leaves a rating and review for a brand’s product on, the same rating and review will now appear on the product pages of a merchant’s own online store, wherever Buy with Prime is enabled.”

The new integrations are handy for anyone already using Amazon, especially as most companies’ stores are designed better than However, it does make the shopping giant even harder to avoid.

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