CyberPowerPC Tracer Gaming I17E Liquid Cool laptop sitting next to its water cooling reservoir

CyberPowerPC is bringing an advanced water-cooling system to its gaming laptops with the Tracer VII Edge series of laptops. Featuring a high-end NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 GPU, CyberPowerPC said its watercooling solution will deliver improved performance over competing laptops with the same GPU.

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The 17-inch Tracer VII Edge-117E and 16-inch Tracer VII Edge-I16G laptops both support an optional “liquid cooling unit.” Picture a box that you place on a desk next to your laptop. You attach it to the back of your laptop via a cable with a magnetic connector. When it’s plugged into the box, it’s water-cooled. The liquid cooling is optional and the laptop also features a more traditional laptop cooling system so it functions normally away from its liquid cooling unit.

It sounds like it might be messy, but it’s not. The magnetic connector is very secure. To disconnect it, you just pull the magnetic connector out—it’s easy. In our experience, a single small drop of water may drip out of the connector, but that’s it. It looks like a big improvement from the older connector CyberPowerPC used on a previous model.

CyberPowerPC Tracer Gaming I16G Liquid Cool laptop's water cooling plug with water drops
Justin Duino / How-To Geek

CyberPowerPC told us that it’s seeing a 10% performance improvement when running on water cooling—although the company couldn’t show us benchmarks just yet—and the laptop stays incredibly cool without the fans whirring away as much as usual.

Heat is the enemy of computers, and gaming laptops often run hot, which isn’t great for their long-term life—that’s a reason many laptop-using gamers now seek out laptop cooling pads. Wouldn’t it be cool to have a water cooling system you connect to your laptop rather than a cooling pad?

The laptop is no slouch in other ways, either. The 17-inch model features up to an RTX 4090 GPU, an Intel 13th Gen Core i9-13900HX processor, a mechanical keyboard with Cherry switches, and a display with a 240hz refresh rate.

CyberPowerPC says these laptops will launch in early February 2023.

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