A home powered by EcoFlow Delta Pro battery backups.

EcoFlow has made a name for itself with robust and user-friendly power stations, and now they’ve taken that to the next level. Forget powering your laptop during a power outage, EcoFlow’s new battery kit can power your house.

Announced at CES 2023, the new Delta Pro whole house system occupies a unique niche. It’s significantly more expensive than a traditional gas generator but cheaper (and more readily available) than a Tesla Powerwall. There’s also no requirement, as there is with the Powerwall, to pair it with solar panels.

It’s not for everybody, but if you really want an emission-free and noise-free backup power solution to get your home through a power outage, the kits—starting at $6,199 for a double battery kit with a hub—will help you keep essential circuits powered during a power disruption event.

Depending on how conservative you are with your power use, the starter kit could help you keep the power on for multiple days on a single charge. And if you want more run time (or to keep all the lights on the entire time), you can expand the system with more Delta Pro batteries chained together.

To take full advantage of the system, you’ll need a professionally installed transfer switch—but you’d need that whether you used a gasoline generator, your electric vehicle as a battery backup, a Tesla Powerwall, or the new EcoFlow Delta Pro.

Again, it’s not cheap, but if you want a clean zero-noise/zero-emission battery backup, the EcoFlow Delta Pro smart power system is one of the more reasonable options on the market—and you can skip the long wait for a Powerwall.

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