NVIDIA just unveiled its latest RTX 4000 mobile graphics cards, and AMD isn’t about to be left behind. Radeon RX 7000 graphics cards are on their way to gaming laptops.

AMD’s RDNA 3 architecture has now made it to laptops in two different lineups — RX 7000M and RX 7000S. The first series contains the high-end, powerful graphics cards that will be responsible for providing you with amazing performance in gaming laptops. The latter is more efficiency-focused, meant to sip less power, making them ideal for thin and light laptops, although they can still play games very well. With these lineups, however, we’re getting up to 32 compute units, 32MB of Infinity Cache, and up to 8GB of GDDR6 VRAM.

Considering we have 96 compute units on the desktop Radeon RX 7900 XTX, we’re expecting these GPUs to be much more modest in comparison, although still fairly respectable. In the M-series, we have the Radeon RX 7600M XT and the RX 7600M, while in the S-series, the RX 7700S and the RX 7600S are the stars of the show. Among the features included in these GPUs, we have dedicated ray tracing and AI accelerators, AMD’s Radiance Display engine (providing 12-bit color), and the company’s FSR upscaling solution as well as a new one called “Radeon Super Resolution,” or RSR.

You can expect to see laptops with these GPUs from the likes of ASUS and Alienware over the first half of the year.

Source: AMD

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