Google’s Chromecast players are some of the most popular (and inexpensive) devices for streaming content on any TV. Now you can get the HD model for $19.98, a savings of 33% from the original MSRP.

The HD Chromecast with Google TV is a streaming device powered by Android TV, with the custom “Google TV” interface on top. It has access Google services like YouTube and YouTube TV, as well as services that have apps available in the TV Play Store. There are apps for Hulu, Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Peacock, and most other major services. The Chromecast has an integrated remote for regular apps, or you can “Cast” to it from some phones and tablet apps.

Chromecast with Google TV (HD)

The HD version of the Google Chromecast has full access to the TV Google Play Store, and has an integrated remote with Google Assistant.

The model on sale is the “Chromecast with Google TV (HD),” which is the cheaper Chromecast player that Google released last year with a maximum output resolution of 1080p — not the first “Chromecast with Google TV” that supports 4K. That’s not confusing at all!

The HD Chromecast isn’t for everyone, as it has a limited amount of storage and a slower chipset, which means some apps are slower to launch. We have a list of the best streaming devices with other options, but there are still a few reasons why the Chromecast might be best. Roku doesn’t allow sideloading apps at all, so if you want to install VPNs or other similar apps to improve your smart TV experience, this player or the faster 4K Chromecast might be best.

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