Dell monitor on a desk

PC hardware for work usually isn’t too interesting, as most businesses prefer affordable and boring tech over expensive and flashy. This enormous monitor, though, could make for a fine addition in some offices.

Dell’s new UltraSharp 43 monitor has been announced at CES 2023, and it’s roughly as big as a TV, sporting a 42.5-inch display. It has the same resolution as some TVs, too, coming with a 4K resolution. There are also a handful of features that make it great for office use, including plenty of ports and a feature that lets you set up four virtual display outputs — effectively turning that 4K monitor into four 1080p displays in a grid layout. The monitor also acts as a USB-C hub, letting you charge devices and connect USB devices right in the monitor.

Dell monitor front and back

The monitor’s business focus means that we don’t have high refresh rates, NVIDIA G-Sync, or anything of the like, but it makes up for it by carrying features that make it good enough for being the centerpiece of your desk. You shouldn’t even have to reach for your actual desktop tower — everything is within your reach thanks to that USB-C hub.

Most people probably don’t have a use for a monitor this large, but the display splitting feature definitely comes in handy for some specific use cases. Dell didn’t confirm pricing or availability information.

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