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Make 2023 the year you take control of your data privacy with some help from Incogni. They’ll get your personal information out of online databases and people search sites to improve your digital footprint and keep your data secure. And with today’s special offer, you can enjoy an annual subscription to their removal service for just $6.49 per month, billed as $77.88 upfront. If you don’t want to commit to a full year, monthly plans are also available at $12.99 per month.

Safeguard Your Digital Data

Many people don’t realize how much of their personal data is displayed online for all to see, or that they have the right to get it removed. With every ping of the internet, information is accumulated and stored by data brokers to create a digital footprint for every user. This data collection can provide public access to private information while increasing the risks of identity theft. With the help of a data removal service like Incogni, consumers can have peace of mind knowing their personal information is kept safe, private, and not sold online.

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The thought of having your social media profiles, browsing history, and shopping preferences shared around the web may sound trivial, but this information is extremely valuable to the wrong groups of people. Each bit of data you provide online funnels into a massive digital profile, allowing data brokers–including marketers, recruiters, risk mitigators, and financial information agents–to collect and sell your data to other groups. The included data may go far beyond your commerce interests, too. Your digital footprint can include your social security number, employment history, phone number, email address, home address, and more, leaving you open to targeted advertisements or identity theft.

Keeping your digital information safe by providing little or no personal data online is a good practice, and using technologies that help protect your privacy can be beneficial. VPNs, private search engines, and anti-tracking software can reduce the information that’s shared and exploited, but they do nothing to remove information that has already been stored across multiple online databases. In this case, a third-party service that removes your personal data from the internet is a worthwhile investment, particularly at just $6.49 per month.

How Incogni Can Help

Some consumers may try to remove their online information themselves, only to find that data brokers refuse to comply or require them to jump through hoops to get it done. That’s where Incogni comes in. The makers of SurfShark provide a subscription-based service that works hard to maintain the online safety of its customers. Their team puts pressure on leading global data brokers to get users’ personal information off the market, and they conduct regular sweeps to ensure it isn’t re-added. They’ll also work with consumer protection agencies to combat rejected removal requests and maintain customers’ digital safety, all while adhering to data privacy law guidelines.

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Incogni’s comprehensive service will even reduce your risk of falling victim to online criminal activity and cut down on the amount of spam and telemarketing calls you receive. The cloud-based program blocks spam emails, reduces targeted ad frequency, and provides ongoing phishing protection. They’ll also keep you informed of their data removal progress by sending regular email summaries of how they’re maintaining your online safety and giving you access to a detailed, interactive dashboard.

How Long Does Data Removal Take?

Although it may feel like your data found its way to the web overnight, getting it removed isn’t always an instant process. While some databrokers respond to removal requests in the same day, others may take up to a month or more to act. The good news is that, according to GDPR and CCPA guidelines, brokers are legally obligated to process requests in 30-45 days. So if there’s a piece of information that you want out of databrokers’ hands, it’s best to get started as soon as possible and to keep your Incogni subscription going so that your data is regularly scrubbed from the web.

Incogni Subscription Options

Online Safety for Much Less

Keeping your online data safe and private can be a time-consuming job on your own. Why not let the professional team at Incogni do the work for you instead? You can start your annual subscription today for $6.49 per month, billed as $77.88 upfront, or pay $12.99 per month on a monthly basis, if you’re not ready to commit to a full year. Stay in charge of who has access to your personal information and limit your digital footprint with the help of Incogni today.

Incogni Online Data Protection

Incogni is a subscription-based service that works hard to maintain the online safety of its customers.