Telegram is perhaps one of the best instant messaging apps, as its developers are constantly adding new features and improving existing ones. Now, the app is adding a set of new features and improvements, just in time for 2023.

The first new feature is support for spoiler-ing images. Now, if you send an image to someone on Telegram, you’ll have the option to spoiler it, which adds a blur so that people won’t be able to look at the image unless they tap on it to reveal it. The app is also adding more granular controls for storage management and auto-deletion of files, letting you set separate auto-remove settings depending on the type of chat and set exceptions for certain chats.

There are also a number of new profile picture settings. For starters, you can set profile pictures for your contacts that only you can see, and if you want to, you can even suggest a profile picture to one of your contacts — if they’d like to put it on their profile, it’ll just take them two taps. There are also more granular profile picture settings for yourself, letting you set a “public” profile picture that’s different from the picture that your contacts will see.

Other additions include better, more customizable drawing and text tools, as well as an option to hide the member list of a group. There are also new animated and interactive emoji that you can see, and play with, on chats starting with this update. You should definitely check out the update list to know more.

Source: Telegram

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