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Plex is a popular service for hosting your own media collection on a personal server, and streaming the content to any of your devices (or your friend’s devices). Now you can unlock all of Plex’s best features forever with a one-time purchase.

Plex has some features available for free, but others are locked behind the paid Plex Pass. The package gives you access to the Plexamp and Plex Dash applications, lyrics when playing music, skipping intros in TV episodes in your personal library, more music features like Loudness Leveling, hardware-accelerated streaming and transcoding, and DVR recording if you set up Plex live TV. It also removes the need for in-app purchases in the mobile apps for streaming from a personal server. Plex has a full support article with all the benefits.

Plex Pass normally costs $4.99 per month, $39.99 per year, or $119.99 for a one-time lifetime purchase. Plex occasionally offers sales on the lifetime purchase, and now it has dropped to $89.99 — a discount of 25%. If you don’t see the discount applied, use code GOODBUY2022.

If you already have a Plex server, and you know you want to keep using it, Plex Pass is a no-brainer. It saves you from paying a per-device unlock on any mobile devices, and also gives you access to Plex’s best features. Plex told How-To Geek that the discount is available from Tuesday, December 27 through Friday, December 30, ending at 6:59pm ET/11:59pm UTC.

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