Roku Ultra

Roku sells many of the best streaming devices, but the Roku Ultra sits at the top of the pack with even more features. It’s now on sale for $69 at Amazon, a discount of $31 from the original price, and $1 cheaper than on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

As the name might imply, the Roku Ultra is the best streaming device that Roku currently sells, with a larger box design compared to the more-common Roku Streaming Stick or Roku Express. It has full support for 4K, regular HDR, and Dolby Vision. The Roku Ultra also has access to all the same apps and services as other Roku players, including Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Peacock, Hulu, and many others.

Best Roku Streaming Device

Roku Ultra (2022)

The impressive Roku Ultra has it all: 4K with HDR, multiple ports, and support for all major streaming services.

Roku now has 4K support on most of its streaming players, which leaves connectivity as the main selling point for the Ultra. There’s an integrated headphone jack on the remote, so you can listen to movies and shows through wired headphones. The remote is also rechargeable over USB, and has the same TV power and volume controls as most other Roku remotes.

Unlike most other Roku players, the Ultra has an Ethernet LAN connector, so you can use a wired network connection. That’s useful for areas with spotty Wi-Fi coverage, but you can use a regular wireless network, too. There’s also a USB Type-A port, which you can use to view photos, music, or videos stored on a USB drive.

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