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Don’t have a health tracker that you can strap on like a Fitbit or even an Apple Watch? You can still effectively log fitness, nutrition, diet, blood sugar, and other health details using an app you probably have on your computer, Microsoft Excel.

With handy Excel templates, you can simply pop in the health data you need. Whether you want to keep a log for yourself and mark your progress, have an XLSX file you can email to your doctor, or want a printable record for physician appointments, you can use Excel for health tracking.

Note: Each template is available in both Excel’s desktop and web versions except where noted.

Log Daily Calorie and Fat Percentage

With this Excel template, you can see the number calories from fat and the fat percentage for each food you eat. This tracker includes a summary section of calories and calories of fat consumed along with a column graph showing fat as a percentage of calories.

Daily Calorie and Fat Percentage Log summary and graph

Simply enter the day, food, calories, and fat grams and watch the Daily Calorie and Fat Percentage Log template do the rest.

Daily Calorie and Fat Percentage Log

Journal Your Diet and Exercise

To help you reach your health goals, try out this Diet and Exercise Journal Excel template. You have three tabs to record and view your progress.

Enter the foods you eat with calories, carbs, protein, and fat on the Diet tab.

Diet and Exercise Journal Diet tab

Track the exercises you do with the duration and calories burned on the Exercise tab.

Diet and Exercise Journal Exercise tab

Insert your start and end dates and weights and then view analyses of the Diet and Exercise sheets on the Goals tab. You’ll see helpful charts along with a brief summary showing your progress, making it easier to achieve your goals.

Diet and Exercise Journal Goals tab

Calculate Calorie Intake on an Amortization Schedule

If you’re interested in losing weight but aren’t sure how many calories you should consume each day to do so, check out this Calorie Amortization Schedule.

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Enter your basic details at the top like activity level, current weight, age, height, and goal weight. You’ll then view a full table showing calories to consume with the number you’ll burn along with how many more pounds you have to go to reach your goal.

Calorie Amortization Schedule

Track Weight Loss

If you already have a diet plan to reach your target weight, then keep track of it easily with this Weight Loss Tracker template for Excel.

Simply enter your target weight at the top. Then, use the table to record your weight per date. You’ll see a helpful chart at the top that shows your progress by week or month with just a glance.

Weight Loss Tracker

Get a Fitness Plan

For the ultimate fitness template, you can track everything from your weight to the size of your biceps to the food you eat.

This Fitness Plan template includes seven tabs for tracking everything related to your workouts or exercise routines in addition to weight loss and diet.

Log the measurements for your waist, biceps, hips, and thighs.

Fitness Plan measurement tabs

Track all activities with the date, time, duration, distance, and calories burned.

Fitness Plan Activity Log

Add the foods you eat including calories, fat, cholesterol, sodium, and other nutritional details.

Fitness Plan Food Log

Then, review the Weight Tracker tab which summarizes the other sheets and gives you a clear view of your fitness plan progress.

Fitness Plan Weight Tracker tab

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Track Your Blood Sugar

When you need to keep an eye on your blood sugar, you can use this convenient Blood Sugar Tracker template to log your details in Excel.

Enter the date, time, and blood sugar level in the table. You’ll then see a running average in the column on the right along with a useful line graph for your charted progress. You can easily print the tracker for your next doctor’s appointment if needed.

Blood Sugar Tracker

Log Your Blood Pressure and Glucose

For logging both pressure and glucose, use this Blood Pressure and Glucose Tracker template.

Enter the date, time, and event on the left. Then, insert your blood pressure and glucose numbers to the right.

The glucose section displays the level and status automatically for a quick view. You can also customize the scale values at the top to fit your particular conditions.

Blood Pressure and Glucose Tracker

For a bonus, you can include notes on the right side which is helpful for out-of-the-ordinary levels.

Keep a Medication Log

When you need to track medications for yourself or you and your family, an easy logging process makes all the difference. Here are two medications logs that are ideal for individuals and families.

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Basic Medication Log

For your own logging, this Basic Medication Log gives you all the spots you need for complete details. Add the medication name, start and stop dates, dosages with times, and special instructions.

You can also include the prescribing physician and their phone number, any side effects, the refill number, and the pharmacy phone number. This is perfect for those with many prescriptions to track.

Basic Medication Log

Family Medication Log

With a tab for each person in this Medication Log, you can easily list medications, dosages, frequencies, and times of day for each family member. You can also include remarks, or notes, per medication.

Medication Log for families

Track Your Pet’s Health

Maybe the health tracker you need is for your furry family member. This Pet Health Log lets you track immunizations, medications, and known conditions. You can also log vet visits with complete details for tests performed, diagnosis, prescribed action and medication, and more.

Pet Health Log

If you have more than one pet, copy the original sheet to another tab before entering the details. You can then rename the tab with your pet’s name. Do the same for each pet in your household for a handy record of everyone’s health history.

Note: The Pet Health Log is only available for the Excel desktop version, not the web.

Even if you wear a fitness tracking device or use a heath tracking app, it may not include every category you need. With these Excel templates, health tracking couldn’t be simpler. Plus, if you wanted to combine data, most fitness trackers let you export your data as a CSV file or other file type that you can easily import into Excel.

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