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To add a resume to your LinkedIn profile, open your profile and go to Add Profile Section > Add Featured. Click the + icon and select "Add Media", then find your resume file. Alternatively, upload your resume for "Easy Apply" job listings or post your resume in your LinkedIn feed.

Adding your resume on LinkedIn allows recruiters to view your career achievements and potentially contact you for available job positions. You can upload your resume to your profile, a job listing, or a regular feed post. We’ll show you how to do that all.

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Why Upload Your Resume to LinkedIn?

If you already have a LinkedIn account, you may wonder what the point of adding a resume is—can’t employers learn the same thing from looking at your profile? Well, unless you’ve made your entire profile public, they can’t see it until you’ve added them as a connection. Making connections is time-consuming and inconvenient in the fast-paced world of hiring, and a public profile puts your privacy at risk.

If you upload a resume to your profile, visitors to your profile can get your skills and history in brief and share the resume with recruiters and employers. Saving your resume in your account settings will let you complete applications faster, and posting your resume to your feed puts it in front of everyone in your network. You only stand to gain from uploading your resume to LinkedIn, and it only takes a few clicks, so let’s get started.

Tip: In case you don’t already have a resume, you can generate one using the existing career details in your LinkedIn profile.

Upload Your Resume to Your LinkedIn Profile

One way to showcase your resume on LinkedIn is to add it to your profile. This allows your profile viewers to view as well as download your resume. Note that you can’t use this uploaded resume to apply for jobs on the platform; for that, you’ll have to follow the second section below.

To begin adding your resume to your profile, launch your preferred web browser on your desktop and open LinkedIn. Sign in to your account on the site.

Then, in the site’s top-right corner, click Me > View Profile.

Select Me > View Profile at the top.

On your profile page, beneath your name, click “Add Profile Section.”

Choose "Add Profile Section."

On the “Add to Profile” window, select Recommended > Add Featured.

Next to the “Featured” title, select the “+” (plus) sign and choose “Add Media.”

Select "+" and choose "Add Media."

You’ll see your computer’s “Open” window. Here, access the folder containing your resume and double-click your resume to upload it.

On the “Add Media” window, click the “Title” field and type a title for your resume. Optionally, fill in the “Description” field. Then, save your changes by clicking “Save” in the window’s bottom-right corner.

Enter a title in the "Title" field and select "Save."

And your resume has been successfully uploaded to your LinkedIn profile.

Save Your Resume for Job Listings

To make applying for jobs faster, you can upload and save your resume in your LinkedIn application settings menu. This way, the next time you come across a relevant job position, you can get LinkedIn to automatically attach your resume to your application.

Note: You can only use your uploaded resume to apply to jobs that display LinkedIn’s “Easy Apply” button. If a listing only shows “Apply,” it’ll redirect you to that company’s website, and you’ll likely have to upload your resume there.

To upload your resume for later applications, head to the LinkedIn site and sign in to your account. Then, from the menu bar at the top, select “Jobs.”

In the left sidebar, click “Application Settings.”

Select "Application Settings" on the left.

A “Job Application Settings” page will open. Here, in the “Manage Your Resumes” section, click “Upload Resume.”

Note: Your resume must be in DOC, DOCX, or PDF format. It must also be 5 MB or smaller in size.

Choose "Upload Resume."

You’ll see your machine’s “Open” window. Here, open the folder containing your resume and double-click your resume file.

Select the resume.

And your selected resume is successfully uploaded to LinkedIn.

Next time you see a job listing, simply click the “Easy Apply” button and you can use your saved resume on LinkedIn to apply for the job.

Select "Easy Apply."

Enjoy the convenience of applying for jobs on LinkedIn!

Showcase Your Resume in a LinkedIn Post

Like all other social media sites, LinkedIn lets you create and publish public posts. You can add your resume to these posts and let your followers see it in their feed, ideally getting the attention of an employer in your network.

To use this method, access LinkedIn, sign in to your account, and select “Start a Post” at the top.

On the “Create a Post” window, you’ll enter the text that will go along with your resume in your post.

First, click the large text field and add a few sentences in your post. This could be related to why you’re uploading your resume, where your expertise lies, or similar.

Then, at the bottom, click “Add a Document” (an icon of a paper).

Write the post and select "Add a Document."

You’ll see a “Share a Document” window. Here, to upload your resume from your computer, click “Choose File.” To add your resume from Dropbox or Google Drive, select the appropriate option.

We’ll upload the resume from our local storage.

Select the resume location.

In your computer’s “Open” window, navigate to your resume folder and double-click the resume file.

Choose the resume.

Back on the “Share a Document” window, click the “Document Title” field and enter a title for your resume. Then, in the window’s bottom-right corner, select “Done.”

On the “Create a Post” window, add other details if you want. Then, publish your post along with your resume by clicking the “Post” button.

Select "Post" at the bottom.

And that’s all. Your post will appear in your audience’s feed, allowing them to read your text content as well as view your uploaded resume.

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