Google Meet video filters

Google Meet is the platform of choice for many companies to engage in remote meetings, and it also lets you spruce up things with filters and backgrounds to make meetings more fun. These new filters, though, blur the line between fun and creepy.

Google Meet has launched a handful of new filters to “help bring an element of fun to meetings.” There’s a log head one that puts your face into a log, and that one is actually silly and fun. There’s also a working bunny that looks not overly bad, but there’s also a strawberry one that’s downright creepy. It evokes the same vibes as filters on Instagram, Snapchat, or TikTok, yet there’s something about it that just looks… off. Like that strawberry is going to kidnap you at night.

You can use these filters just like you can currently use all other filters, by going into the “Apply visual effects” section. If you’d like to give these new filters a spin, they should become available for everyone within the next 15 days. Administrators have the option of turning them off for work and school accounts, so it’s possible someone in your IT department could decide to hide them away forever.

We can’t guarantee you won’t scar your co-workers for life if you use the strawberry one, though.

Source: Google

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